Just your typical intro

22 Jan

As a promise to myself, I have forced myself decided to start blogging again. I tried to start last year but my life was much, much to hectic to think I could properly assemble my thoughts into written form while in nursing school. A lot of things have changed in my life in the past 6-8 months. I am now wed to a beautiful and good spirited man named Adam, I am a recent LPN graduate *yay* which I am very proud of not only for making it through the most mentally, physically and emotionally challenging experience of my life, but also because I am the first in my family to graduate from college. Through the nursing school experience my body continued to grow larger and change, partially from poor eating habits, stress and discovering I have hypothyroidism but also because I came to find out about 4 months ago that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

At first, I thought I was having menstrual troubles as some women do, but I continued to realize I was gaining weight apparently for no reason at all. I went to the doctor and upon an ultrasound they found a very large “adnexal mass” which threw me into a cancer scare crisis but actually turned out to be an ovarian cyst, a very, very large ovarian cyst. It pained me through clinical, practicum and honestly I looked forward to my surgery in december. When December 21st arrived and I awoke in post-op I found out the cyst that had been paining me contained over a liter of fluid which was removed laparoscopically along with spots of endometirosis and several growths on my ovaries which praise the heavens turned out to all be benign. After recovering from surgery I was to start on a new form of birth control with much stronger hormones to prevent these cysts from coming back.

Last week, after a get together at my house with some girlfriends, I started experiencing the worst pain of my life landing me in the ER and finding out I had another cyst rupture along with another one that was present and in tact on my L ovary. Mind you, I had surgery only 3 weeks ago at that point. I am very worried about myself and also about my fertility for the future, thus I have decided as a nurse, and as a person who loves herself that I have got to try to get some kind of grip on this condition. I have decided to place myself not on a “diet” but on a reformed eating pattern, starting with eating 4-6 small meals of what I generally eat in one day but spacing the meals apart since I know as a PCOS sufferer that we are insulin resistant, so decreasing meal size along with eating more frequently will help my body digest and use food more efficiently. Over time I am going to start working in more healthy options and possibly go back to being a vegetarian. Not because I think eating animals is bad, or to cut back on calories but because I am totally against the way most animals are mass-produced as a crop and not as living things who deserve to live a full and somewhat fulfilled life with places to run and peck and graze. However, this is a different rant for a different time.

I will be keeping a food diary and will fill you guys in on how my progress is coming along (=

Keep yourself healthy to the best of your ability, keep your mind sharp to the best of your wit and do something to make yourself fulfilled today.

Blessed be. XO

 Nurse Jess.


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