You can’t always get what you want

31 Jan

As foretold, I said that I would update about the interview. I can’t say that the interview went the way I wanted but I can say that the interview taught me something about myself. It taught me that I don’t have to take the first position thrown to me, if something feels wrong then chances are something is wrong. I’ll give you the interview rundown without further adieu.

So, I arrive to the facility 20 minutes early as approximated, touch up on lip gloss and go in to introduce myself. Once called back I enter into a very swanky office suite and I am seated by a lady who is in her early 40’s, veneered teeth, false eyelashes, bleached hair and I’m not gonna lie, a very fierce demeanor; she was certainly intimidating ( although, certainly not the salt-of-the-earth type). We start with basic introductions, job basics, and what kind of experience I have ( none, clearly, just graduated). So then she asks me if I have applied anywhere else,  I have and listed a few places which included HRMC and Pikeville Medical Center and almost immediately she responds with “Dear God why would you want to move to eastern Kentucky?” Somewhat offended I responded with the fact that  this was where Adam’s family was from and I would consider moving there if offered a position, as with this job. The next question she asked me was if I could write prescriptions…being somewhat of a smart ass I responded with “No, I am a nurse, not a doctor.” She then proceeded to write out a long prescription in “medical language” and sat it in front of me and asked me to recite what this prescription entailed. I responded, correctly and I also stated, ‘I can read prescriptions all day everyday, I can dispense medications, but I cannot write a prescription as a nurse.’

Things got a little hairy and awkward after that, so we moved on to different topics and things got back into civil territory. She asked me where I saw myself in 5 years and I told her I would like to have my RN license and a steady career with a family. She said to me without missing a beat, “so you wouldn’t want to be in the same position as you are now?” WTF? No?! As a matter of fact most facilities would love for you to continue your education, so I was honestly a little shocked. The biggest shit storm of all was the fact that this lady WAS NOT a nurse, was NOT a cma, WAS NOT any part of the health care team, how dare she try to make sweeping judgements  about who I was or where I could foresee my future. Despite all things I got offered a second interview in London. I left and when I got out to my car, I had to think for a moment. Did I spend the hardest two years of my life struggling everyday throughout my education to be treated as if I was incompetent? Do I deserve to take the first job that will take me? If a raging bitch in the HR department treated me as if I were nothing, what is this facility really like?

I decided, after calling my mom, of course that I have worked way too hard to take a job like this, I may not have experience but that just means I am the most eager of all to learn. I may not answer interview questions the way that is “correct” but it just means that I have a mind of my own. Most importantly, any job that doesn’t want me to ‘be myself’, further my education , or be the best nurse that I can be is not deserving of my time. I called the facility, and told them I didn’t think this position was for me and that I honestly felt somewhat disrespected and that I thought my intelligence was being tested unfairly. They responded with, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” and hung up. These people are obviously assholes. I don’t think I took a loss, but I did learn that it can feel good to say no when something doesn’t feel right.

I’m still holding out hope for a job where I can be compassionate, nurturing and can also use my nursing skills. I know it will come.

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find you get what you need.




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