A fresh start

6 Apr

Hey guys, I know it’s been forever but I swore I wouldn’t blog until  I found out something about my career/job situation. So, for those who want to know, read on. For the past 5 ish weeks my life has been in a weird state of purgatory. Applying for jobs, not hearing from jobs, applying for more jobs, going to interviews, and then also applying for more jobs. My biggest Ace in the hole was the VA in Lexington, whom I had been in constant contact with and I was anxiously waiting for an interview that was never going to happen. You see, the VA hires based on a ‘points’ system where you get points for experience, working other federal jobs, being in the military, etc. Unfortunately, I had none of these ‘points’ and others did so, kapooie. Happy face ruined.

Not long after this disaster, I had an interview at a private physicians office, which seemed promising enough. I went to the interview and answered all of the questions, smiled, played miss america, laughed on cue but I noticed during this interview and all previous interviews that I have been treated a little shitty in some aspect. As if, almost, my schooling didn’t mean anything, if I had just graduated I wasnt really a nurse yet, and that pissed me off a little bit. I understand the more experience you have the more respected you are, and you should be! However, coming from Miss Office manager who does spread sheets and answers the phone, it really ticked me off. Unless you have been in nursing school, you don’t know what it is like. We don’t bullshit essays and do projects at the last-minute. We work hard day in, and day out to earn our title as nurse. Nurses work their asses off day in and day out, in their jobs, they put up with a lot more crap than they should and almost always do things the doctor should be doing without complaint.

So, miss Microsoft Excel wizard, until you have to take off your french manicure and give an enema, shut your face about me not having job experience.

Anyways, the rest of the interview went kinda-ish okay. It looked as though I may get the job, which might I add paid less than a lot of CNA positions and only offered benefits after a year. But still yet, if they called me back I was going to take the job. I was desperate, and desperate people sacrifice things they want for things that they need. Mostly, money.

2 days later I was at home, crying to bad 80’s hair metal (not joking), when I got a phone call from Wilmore Kentucky. I talked to a very sweet lady named Sarah who asked me to come in for an interview at Thomson Hood veterans center. I really had all but forgotten I had applied to this place because it was a few weeks ago. I arrived to my interview and was waiting in the lobby where I met 2 residents. I talked to them for about 20 minutes because they got a new admit and naturally it was a little chaotic. These 2 gentlemen were WW2 vets and they kept me laughing almost the whole time with their banter back and forth between each other. When Sarah came to get me for the interview I realized how happy I was just from those two, I guess it translated into my interview which went beautifully. Sarah was the first nurse who interviewed me in all of the jobs I’ve applied to. She made me feel comfortable, like I could be myself and our interview lasted almost an hour just because we kept talking! I got a tour of the facility, which was absolutely beautiful, the residents seemed happy, the nurses seemed happy (though busy of course!) and I really thought this place was too good to be true.

I got a call 5 days later with a job offer 🙂

I could not be happier than I am now. I start the 16th and I got to pick my schedule which was awesome. Benefits are beautiful, pay is excellent, but most importantly I get to work at a beautiful facility with beautiful patients and that just makes me giddy.

Me and Adam will be moving soon, either to Nicholasville or Lexington, since it is a 45 minute drive from Richmond. That is huge for us, but hopefully the move goes well! I went to take my drug test two days ago which was a hilarious experience, I’ll tell you all about that soon because it requires its own entry haha. I’ll also update about my reoccurring demon cysts. boo.

Anyways I hope you guys are healthy and happy!






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