Times, they are a changin’

3 Jun

Hey guys, I thought I would write up a quick blog to let everyone know what has transpired over the past two months. Obviously, I have been working so much, I haven’t had too much time to do too much of anything other than rest up! Work has taken a lot of serious getting used to, but I find the work to be very rewarding although sometimes physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. I never once in my life thought I would end up in long term care, but for now I am quite fulfilled with it.

Over the past two months I’ve had 3 patients die, and I hate to say it but it honestly doesn’t get any easier each time, if anything, I think harder because you get to know these men and women so well. I couldn’t be anymore grateful to work with veterans, I have always respected our military but I have a new found appreciation for the men and women who defend this country without fail. Our WW2 vets are just heros and they couldn’t be anymore proud to have served and would gladly serve again. It is admirable, honorable and just plain incredible.

Our Vietnam vets are another story, it almost hurts to see the breakdown of these people who fought a war they didn’t want to fight, who sacrificed health, mental stability and all previous known culture to remain an American citizen, to live in a country where they hate the wars we fight, but love the principles we stand for even more. It is truly amazing to me. I may go home tired, annoyed, frazzled or may even feel like running out the door, but the respect I have for these people will never falter.

Bigger news: I’m going to be a MOMMY! What? I know, it’s hard to believe someone as cynical, sarcastic and goofy as myself could raise a child but I’m really getting used to the idea! This baby is truly a miracle, with all the problems I have my shots of having a child of my own without fertility treatments were slim. So although I am not the most financially stable right now, I know this baby was meant to be. I’ve been having ridiculous cravings already, today it was prunes and doughnuts. Gross. I know, but hey, I guess I won’t be on the “bowel list”. (nurse joke) The craziest part is I have turned into this crafty, DIY, person who wants to take on roughly a million projects of things to make for baby. This could be possibly hazardous. ha. The names Adam and I have chosen so far for our baby are:

Boy: Jaxon Ace Terry or Ace Jaxon Terry. This is pretty much our decided boy name 🙂

Girl: Calypso Santana Terry, will be called “Cali”

We also still like Rhiannon and Elizabeth as a middle name and Sirena as a first name, which means  mermaid in Spanish

At this point, our nursery themes will likely be vintage circus (think side show, old Barnum and Bailey) for a boy and Mermaids for a girl 😀

Anyways this has been an exceptionally boring blog, but if you were wondering what was going on with me, you got it 😉




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