Times, they are a changin’

3 Jun

Hey guys, I thought I would write up a quick blog to let everyone know what has transpired over the past two months. Obviously, I have been working so much, I haven’t had too much time to do too much of anything other than rest up! Work has taken a lot of serious getting used to, but I find the work to be very rewarding although sometimes physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. I never once in my life thought I would end up in long term care, but for now I am quite fulfilled with it.

Over the past two months I’ve had 3 patients die, and I hate to say it but it honestly doesn’t get any easier each time, if anything, I think harder because you get to know these men and women so well. I couldn’t be anymore grateful to work with veterans, I have always respected our military but I have a new found appreciation for the men and women who defend this country without fail. Our WW2 vets are just heros and they couldn’t be anymore proud to have served and would gladly serve again. It is admirable, honorable and just plain incredible.

Our Vietnam vets are another story, it almost hurts to see the breakdown of these people who fought a war they didn’t want to fight, who sacrificed health, mental stability and all previous known culture to remain an American citizen, to live in a country where they hate the wars we fight, but love the principles we stand for even more. It is truly amazing to me. I may go home tired, annoyed, frazzled or may even feel like running out the door, but the respect I have for these people will never falter.

Bigger news: I’m going to be a MOMMY! What? I know, it’s hard to believe someone as cynical, sarcastic and goofy as myself could raise a child but I’m really getting used to the idea! This baby is truly a miracle, with all the problems I have my shots of having a child of my own without fertility treatments were slim. So although I am not the most financially stable right now, I know this baby was meant to be. I’ve been having ridiculous cravings already, today it was prunes and doughnuts. Gross. I know, but hey, I guess I won’t be on the “bowel list”. (nurse joke) The craziest part is I have turned into this crafty, DIY, person who wants to take on roughly a million projects of things to make for baby. This could be possibly hazardous. ha. The names Adam and I have chosen so far for our baby are:

Boy: Jaxon Ace Terry or Ace Jaxon Terry. This is pretty much our decided boy name 🙂

Girl: Calypso Santana Terry, will be called “Cali”

We also still like Rhiannon and Elizabeth as a middle name and Sirena as a first name, which means  mermaid in Spanish

At this point, our nursery themes will likely be vintage circus (think side show, old Barnum and Bailey) for a boy and Mermaids for a girl 😀

Anyways this has been an exceptionally boring blog, but if you were wondering what was going on with me, you got it 😉




A fresh start

6 Apr

Hey guys, I know it’s been forever but I swore I wouldn’t blog until  I found out something about my career/job situation. So, for those who want to know, read on. For the past 5 ish weeks my life has been in a weird state of purgatory. Applying for jobs, not hearing from jobs, applying for more jobs, going to interviews, and then also applying for more jobs. My biggest Ace in the hole was the VA in Lexington, whom I had been in constant contact with and I was anxiously waiting for an interview that was never going to happen. You see, the VA hires based on a ‘points’ system where you get points for experience, working other federal jobs, being in the military, etc. Unfortunately, I had none of these ‘points’ and others did so, kapooie. Happy face ruined.

Not long after this disaster, I had an interview at a private physicians office, which seemed promising enough. I went to the interview and answered all of the questions, smiled, played miss america, laughed on cue but I noticed during this interview and all previous interviews that I have been treated a little shitty in some aspect. As if, almost, my schooling didn’t mean anything, if I had just graduated I wasnt really a nurse yet, and that pissed me off a little bit. I understand the more experience you have the more respected you are, and you should be! However, coming from Miss Office manager who does spread sheets and answers the phone, it really ticked me off. Unless you have been in nursing school, you don’t know what it is like. We don’t bullshit essays and do projects at the last-minute. We work hard day in, and day out to earn our title as nurse. Nurses work their asses off day in and day out, in their jobs, they put up with a lot more crap than they should and almost always do things the doctor should be doing without complaint.

So, miss Microsoft Excel wizard, until you have to take off your french manicure and give an enema, shut your face about me not having job experience.

Anyways, the rest of the interview went kinda-ish okay. It looked as though I may get the job, which might I add paid less than a lot of CNA positions and only offered benefits after a year. But still yet, if they called me back I was going to take the job. I was desperate, and desperate people sacrifice things they want for things that they need. Mostly, money.

2 days later I was at home, crying to bad 80’s hair metal (not joking), when I got a phone call from Wilmore Kentucky. I talked to a very sweet lady named Sarah who asked me to come in for an interview at Thomson Hood veterans center. I really had all but forgotten I had applied to this place because it was a few weeks ago. I arrived to my interview and was waiting in the lobby where I met 2 residents. I talked to them for about 20 minutes because they got a new admit and naturally it was a little chaotic. These 2 gentlemen were WW2 vets and they kept me laughing almost the whole time with their banter back and forth between each other. When Sarah came to get me for the interview I realized how happy I was just from those two, I guess it translated into my interview which went beautifully. Sarah was the first nurse who interviewed me in all of the jobs I’ve applied to. She made me feel comfortable, like I could be myself and our interview lasted almost an hour just because we kept talking! I got a tour of the facility, which was absolutely beautiful, the residents seemed happy, the nurses seemed happy (though busy of course!) and I really thought this place was too good to be true.

I got a call 5 days later with a job offer 🙂

I could not be happier than I am now. I start the 16th and I got to pick my schedule which was awesome. Benefits are beautiful, pay is excellent, but most importantly I get to work at a beautiful facility with beautiful patients and that just makes me giddy.

Me and Adam will be moving soon, either to Nicholasville or Lexington, since it is a 45 minute drive from Richmond. That is huge for us, but hopefully the move goes well! I went to take my drug test two days ago which was a hilarious experience, I’ll tell you all about that soon because it requires its own entry haha. I’ll also update about my reoccurring demon cysts. boo.

Anyways I hope you guys are healthy and happy!





Hazy Days as they say…

26 Feb

I find it somewhat upsetting that I haven’t blogged in almost a month but I gotta get real with you guys, I’ve been living in a sad place mentally. I’ll take you guys back to my NCLEX experience to start off with since that has possibly been my biggest accomplishment in 3 weeks.

The NCLEX for those of you fortunate enough NOT to know about the horrors of what nursing students experience, is a proctored exam that is a deadly beast of myths alluding to what is and isn’t on the test and what may or may not be a graded question and overall a terrifying thing that you invest around 300 dollars into which supposedly tells you if you are quality material to pass as a licensed nurse. But let me tell you what I know of the NCLEX, the NCLEX is a horrifyingly painful experience that tests what you are made of under pressure, it tests how quickly it takes your brain to turn into a vegetable from unrealistic nursing scenarios and it tells the state how you test under this pressure and how well you deal with being treated like a common criminal.

Here’s how it happened for me:

Arrived at facility 20 mins early.

Saw the people I was testing with. All equally terrified and somehow disgustingly positive.

Vomited frappucino in toilet.

Was escorted to the room where we take a number, give personal info, give fingerprints,give  palm vein scans (really), get a mug shot, and a key to a locker where we deposit all of our crap.

Taken to a room before the testing room where we empty pockets, are instructed not to look around, breathe heavily, sniff loudly, act “suspiciously” because we are being recorded on audio and video and basically to abandon all hope before ye enters here. Oh! And we get finger printed again in case anyone decided to pull a Houdini in a locked room; clearly we are not to be trusted.

After our identity has been verified both by fingerprint and palm vein scan we are escorted to our numbered seat and given the go ahead. Once the test starts, I feel somewhat calm.

After about question 6, I feel like my questions must be over quantum physics because I realize my brain has turned into donkey shit. Or that’s what it felt like. Essentially I used every fiber of memory to piece together some bogart of an answer and hope it’s right.

Test cuts off at question 85, the minimum number. I feel defeated.

Gather my shit, go to bathroom and vomit again. Violently.

Go to car, call mother, cry, laugh, cry again. Arrive home..sleep…cry..laugh…google quantum physics…cry because I was wrong about what quantum physics actually were…laugh again, because I am, in fact, a dumb ass. 

Now when the next morning arrives I am promptly trolling the KBN website…and a boy who took the NCLEX with me is now a LPN and I…..am not. I check again in 15 minute intervals until I have a nervous breakdown and realize I am a failure at life.

2 hours later, while driving, I am bitching to my friend Kim, and I do mean bitching, when she says uh..yeah so it says you’re an LPN…I just checked. *BOOM* *HEAD EXPLODES*

So anyways that’s how the NCLEX went. I had an interview the next week that went great….except they didn’t call me back for the job. Cool life. Basically, the past 3 weeks I have been putting in endless applications and never getting a call or email and when I ask why it is because these people say “I have no experience”.  I JUST GRADUATED, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE ME YOU CHIMPS???

I’m not bitter, no, I am simply unequipt will the will power to control emotions these days. So next week I will start applying at nursing homes and do the one thing I said I would never do. But I need money and I need “EXPERIENCE” so I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and live in a sad, sad world where I love all of my patients who have all the wisdom of the world, countless life achievements and families who a lot of  times do not give a rats behind about these poor, sweet souls, oh yeah and then they die. Sounds great.

But, that’s what I’ll do.

Now, concerning my health, me and Adam have been doing amazingly well at not eating out as much anymore and my eating patterns have vastly improved. We started doing yoga last week and I LOVE it although I am no good at it. It really helps me improve my breathing and also to calm my high-strung nonsense down, really I think I have the thinking pattern of Dr. Suess sometimes. I need more exercise though, that’s what I’m struggling with the most. So Tuesday me and Adam are going hiking and I’m very excited about that 🙂 I love being outside. Bad news, I think the cyst on my left ovary is getting bigger, it really hurts when I bend quickly, sneeze or do anything that is not natural, which apparently includes my lack of dancing ability because that’s when I really noticed it the other day. 😦

Setbacks, compromise, ill-health and trying to lose weight. Sounds like a lot of things old people do.

I don’t give a shit. I’ve gotta start living my life.



You can’t always get what you want

31 Jan

As foretold, I said that I would update about the interview. I can’t say that the interview went the way I wanted but I can say that the interview taught me something about myself. It taught me that I don’t have to take the first position thrown to me, if something feels wrong then chances are something is wrong. I’ll give you the interview rundown without further adieu.

So, I arrive to the facility 20 minutes early as approximated, touch up on lip gloss and go in to introduce myself. Once called back I enter into a very swanky office suite and I am seated by a lady who is in her early 40’s, veneered teeth, false eyelashes, bleached hair and I’m not gonna lie, a very fierce demeanor; she was certainly intimidating ( although, certainly not the salt-of-the-earth type). We start with basic introductions, job basics, and what kind of experience I have ( none, clearly, just graduated). So then she asks me if I have applied anywhere else,  I have and listed a few places which included HRMC and Pikeville Medical Center and almost immediately she responds with “Dear God why would you want to move to eastern Kentucky?” Somewhat offended I responded with the fact that  this was where Adam’s family was from and I would consider moving there if offered a position, as with this job. The next question she asked me was if I could write prescriptions…being somewhat of a smart ass I responded with “No, I am a nurse, not a doctor.” She then proceeded to write out a long prescription in “medical language” and sat it in front of me and asked me to recite what this prescription entailed. I responded, correctly and I also stated, ‘I can read prescriptions all day everyday, I can dispense medications, but I cannot write a prescription as a nurse.’

Things got a little hairy and awkward after that, so we moved on to different topics and things got back into civil territory. She asked me where I saw myself in 5 years and I told her I would like to have my RN license and a steady career with a family. She said to me without missing a beat, “so you wouldn’t want to be in the same position as you are now?” WTF? No?! As a matter of fact most facilities would love for you to continue your education, so I was honestly a little shocked. The biggest shit storm of all was the fact that this lady WAS NOT a nurse, was NOT a cma, WAS NOT any part of the health care team, how dare she try to make sweeping judgements  about who I was or where I could foresee my future. Despite all things I got offered a second interview in London. I left and when I got out to my car, I had to think for a moment. Did I spend the hardest two years of my life struggling everyday throughout my education to be treated as if I was incompetent? Do I deserve to take the first job that will take me? If a raging bitch in the HR department treated me as if I were nothing, what is this facility really like?

I decided, after calling my mom, of course that I have worked way too hard to take a job like this, I may not have experience but that just means I am the most eager of all to learn. I may not answer interview questions the way that is “correct” but it just means that I have a mind of my own. Most importantly, any job that doesn’t want me to ‘be myself’, further my education , or be the best nurse that I can be is not deserving of my time. I called the facility, and told them I didn’t think this position was for me and that I honestly felt somewhat disrespected and that I thought my intelligence was being tested unfairly. They responded with, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” and hung up. These people are obviously assholes. I don’t think I took a loss, but I did learn that it can feel good to say no when something doesn’t feel right.

I’m still holding out hope for a job where I can be compassionate, nurturing and can also use my nursing skills. I know it will come.

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find you get what you need.




29 Jan

Judging by the title, no one will probably read this blog and I am just fine with that. I have just been a mess the past week. It has been filled with ups and downs and all arounds. It started on a heavy UP since Adam and I got to go see his family for a couple of  days in eastern Ky, it was great a well needed mini-getaway although I didn’t want to leave as soon as we needed to. All of my good energy washed down the drain after we arrived home,  I was prepared to cram with ATI and my handy NCLEX book for the rest of the week when I couldn’t find said NCLEX book and somehow I was locked out of my ATI account. So after 2 days of customer service, emails, and a very stout cussing to an ambivalent middle eastern man, my account was finally opened back up. May I just say I spent $500 on this program? Well thus far it has been a complete waste of time and money.

Long story short I have been cramming, I have been studying, I have been doing dosage calculations, calculating drip rates and learning far more about maternity nursing that I would ever care to know. But I also got a call for a job interview scheduled for tomorrow for a pain clinic in London, KY.  It is so much different trying to arrange yourself for a career interview because after all, this is it. No more working around school schedules or extra curriculars, you are handing over all of the knowledge you have been accumulating for most of your life and presenting it flawlessly and charmingly in hopes that in a 30 minute interview you can sell your time, effort and triumphs in education to a person who knows nothing about you other than what is on a resume. No big deal, right?

Well, I myself, am somewhat of a vain person. All people are really, if someone looks nice it somehow establishes trust or know how, or whatever. So, I went to look for some nice trousers for said interview today with Adam, bless his heart. I tried on and tried on in the women’s, petite, juniors and plus size departments and I have realized that I am short, round and shaped like a boy. My body measurements have to hold some kind of freakish record because I literally just wanted to die by the time I found a pair that semi-sort of-halfway fit my body. When I made it out to the car I literally just had to cry. Buying trousers should not have to be this demanding for anyone. It’s not the fact that I am round, or short or big bottomed with boy hips but the accumulation of all of these things that just makes it impossible for me to love my body.

I have got to get a grip on this body hate. It has been going on for almost 10 years. Even when I was a size 5, and cute as hell, some friend of mine was a size 3 with a rack the size of Kansas. Typical. At any rate, I have realized I have got to try to come to terms with the fact that I should be blessed with what I have, and that I have a great man who loves me no matter what. That will be the most rewarding part of any weight loss I achieve, knowing that I did it for me and not for anyone else.

New topic, friends. I somehow have seemed to drop in the friends department with my compulsive studying and bizarre sleeping habits and somehow being on a different level of maturity here recently. Not that I am by any means mature, I’m not but I guess a more appropriate term is career oriented. The number of friends I have that I really confide in, that I really connect with, and hell that really make an effort to make our friendship work as a two-part deal I can count on one hand. 2 years ago that would have crushed my soul but now I feel like the people who are meant to be in my life are there for a reason whether it is to talk about life or to kick back at the house and have a glass of wine. I don’t need to be at the bar 25/8 to try to win a drunken popularity contest with people who I mean nothing to anyways.

Well if you have indeed read this rant fest I am truly sorry because it is not entertaining in the slightest. I’ll put you out of your misery and update about the job search soon.


Kisses and Hugs,

Jess Terry

Just your typical intro

22 Jan

As a promise to myself, I have forced myself decided to start blogging again. I tried to start last year but my life was much, much to hectic to think I could properly assemble my thoughts into written form while in nursing school. A lot of things have changed in my life in the past 6-8 months. I am now wed to a beautiful and good spirited man named Adam, I am a recent LPN graduate *yay* which I am very proud of not only for making it through the most mentally, physically and emotionally challenging experience of my life, but also because I am the first in my family to graduate from college. Through the nursing school experience my body continued to grow larger and change, partially from poor eating habits, stress and discovering I have hypothyroidism but also because I came to find out about 4 months ago that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

At first, I thought I was having menstrual troubles as some women do, but I continued to realize I was gaining weight apparently for no reason at all. I went to the doctor and upon an ultrasound they found a very large “adnexal mass” which threw me into a cancer scare crisis but actually turned out to be an ovarian cyst, a very, very large ovarian cyst. It pained me through clinical, practicum and honestly I looked forward to my surgery in december. When December 21st arrived and I awoke in post-op I found out the cyst that had been paining me contained over a liter of fluid which was removed laparoscopically along with spots of endometirosis and several growths on my ovaries which praise the heavens turned out to all be benign. After recovering from surgery I was to start on a new form of birth control with much stronger hormones to prevent these cysts from coming back.

Last week, after a get together at my house with some girlfriends, I started experiencing the worst pain of my life landing me in the ER and finding out I had another cyst rupture along with another one that was present and in tact on my L ovary. Mind you, I had surgery only 3 weeks ago at that point. I am very worried about myself and also about my fertility for the future, thus I have decided as a nurse, and as a person who loves herself that I have got to try to get some kind of grip on this condition. I have decided to place myself not on a “diet” but on a reformed eating pattern, starting with eating 4-6 small meals of what I generally eat in one day but spacing the meals apart since I know as a PCOS sufferer that we are insulin resistant, so decreasing meal size along with eating more frequently will help my body digest and use food more efficiently. Over time I am going to start working in more healthy options and possibly go back to being a vegetarian. Not because I think eating animals is bad, or to cut back on calories but because I am totally against the way most animals are mass-produced as a crop and not as living things who deserve to live a full and somewhat fulfilled life with places to run and peck and graze. However, this is a different rant for a different time.

I will be keeping a food diary and will fill you guys in on how my progress is coming along (=

Keep yourself healthy to the best of your ability, keep your mind sharp to the best of your wit and do something to make yourself fulfilled today.

Blessed be. XO

 Nurse Jess.